About the Editor

Heart of Flesh Literary Journal is founded and edited by Veronica McDonald. Veronica is a published fiction writer, poet, artist, and mom of three children. She holds an M.A. in Literature from American University. You can view her writings, original artwork, and a list of publications on her personal website: VeronicaMcDonald.com.

Veronica became a born-again Christian in July 2016 when Jesus saved her from anxiety, depression, and a nihilistic worldview.  Since then, she has been fascinated with good and evil, love and fear, life and death, and the various ways the Gospel and Biblical themes shine out of secular literature, movies, and storytelling. This fascination is often reflected in her writing and art. You can read her Christian testimony on the Heart of Flesh blog.

Veronica recently began the venture of publishing a literary journal for kids and families, called Pure in Heart Stories. Please check it out and encourage young writers in your life to submit.