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What is a testimony?

A Christian testimony is the story of how you came to know Jesus Christ through the moving of the Holy Spirit. It often includes (but is not limited to):

  1. The story of your life before Christ
  2. The story of how the Lord saved you
  3. A short reflection of your new life in Christ.

These stories are often moving and powerful displays of forgiveness, redemption, and life-altering hope. While we accept work from both Christian and non-Christians for our regular issues, we are asking Christians from all walks of life to share their testimonies. We hope that these compelling accounts of finding salvation in Jesus will bless our readers and plant the Gospel seed in those searching for truth.

A selection of testimonies will be posted weekly during the months of April and October in our blog, separate from our regularly published issues. It may not be possible to publish every testimony we receive in the limited space we have, so we encourage those who are not chosen to continue sharing your testimony with others. We want to emphasize that every personal story of Christ’s redeeming power is miraculous and wonderful.

We are so excited to read the story of how Christ drew you in and made you His own.

See our published testimonies here.

Testimony Guidelines

Word count: between 500 – 4,000 words

Testimonies may be previously published. We only ask for the non-exclusive right to publish it on our blog.

Please include a short 50-word bio and a photo of yourself (this is optional) to include with the testimony should it be selected.

No cover letter is necessary, but please include the word “Testimony” in the subject line of your e-mail and send to

You will be informed via e-mail if your testimony is selected for our blog. If you do not hear from us by April 2nd, it means that we will not be sharing your testimony.

Reading Periods

February 1st – March 31st

August 1st – September 30th