Heart of Flesh is a biannual, online literary journal that seeks quality writing and art with a Christian element. We are not a typical “Christian fiction” journal. We believe God’s truth as written in the Bible can be found in both the secular and the non-secular, in nearly every work of literature and every part of the human condition. We accept work from both Christians and non-Christians from all over the world.

The name Heart of Flesh comes from the book of Ezekiel, 36:26: ” And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” In the Old Testament, this is a promise to the Israelites. It also reflects the aim of Heart of Flesh: to allow the Holy Spirit to soften hearts. Though we do not usually publish typical “Christian Fiction,” our goal is to permeate the secular with the profound need for Jesus Christ.

Heart of Flesh is a small, two-person operation. Please have patience with us as our site grows.

To learn a little bit of our editor’s testimony read our first issue’s Editor’s Note.

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Thank you for reading!

Veronica McDonald, Editor

Veronica McDonald is the founder and Editor of Heart of Flesh Literary Journal. She is the primary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry reader and art editor.

Veronica is a writer, poet, and artist herself, so she understands the excitement and disappointments in submitting work. She tries to keep this in mind when she reads submissions. She recently moved to Mobile, Alabama after living for several years in California, and is developing a love for all things Southern, especially food and fiction.

Contact Veronica here or at heartoffleshlit@gmail.com