Annie Harpel

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Song on a Sunday Morning

gentle haze blankets the air
weaves through pockets of broken fog
highlighting golden summer hills
birds chirp patterns of conversations
cars line the street

everyday chores take me outside
thoughts focused on the next task
a chorus of angels
drifted harmony
out the church door
across the road, up the stairs
and into my heart

a moment of song
broke open my heart long enough
to let some sunlight stream in

where is my church?

my place of worship
is somewhere between
walls that hold stories
wide open spaces

an altar
to bring my prayers
and requests to,
where quiet beseeches meditation
angels abound
door to safe shelter open

ocean’s roar
heard in the echo of a seashell
against my ear,
grasses wave in the wind
palette of spring wildflowers say hello
redwoods stretch toward the sun
tears of rain

Annie was born in Illinois, grew up in Orange County, and has lived on the Central Coast of CA for eleven years. Her poetry has been published in local newspapers and online literary journals such Drabble and First Literary Review – East. She has taught poetry workshops at several county libraries.

Photo credit: “Sunset” by Michael Mueller, via

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