Karina Velasco

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Watercolor Jesus

Image courtesy of the artist.

Karina Velasco is an artist based in San Diego, CA.  Karina works primarily with acrylic paint and has recently started experimenting with Paper Mache and Air-Dry Clay.  Karina’s paintings are inspired by women. She enjoys painting the cuteness and innocence of a young girl as much as the beauty and experiences of women. Her inspiration comes from personal experience, her surroundings, su gente and from her culture and its traditions. Karina’s work is influenced by Latin American Art and Pop-Surrealism.  Her paintings are unique, colorful and sometimes gloomy. Karina works with acrylic paint most of the time but also enjoys playing with graphite, color pencils, markers and watercolors.  She recently started working with Paper Mache and Air-Dry Clay and is very excited about working in three-dimensional art.

IG: @vk.artist

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