Laura Lou Catherine

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The Dead Sea is Not Dead to She

דער טויט ים איז ניט טויט

this sea sinks into itself;
Aviva’s serotonin level syncs itself to this sea.
she purses her lips to avoid bitterness.
Aviva now understands it completely:
this sea’s dire desire to be drowned, to be less.
if death comes, so be it; she’s not skittish,
yet to cloud-clear skies, she begins begging in Yiddish.
“salty sea, heal me; this is your last chance! please!”
Yeshua receives her plea, for it is real, see?
but Aviva, God has already vowed life to this area.
then scuba divers dove and found bacteria.
life, if only the scummy kind. the same life
found on the seashore floors of her
Mediterranean mind. drenched in dead
scrolls of waves, soaked in the world’s lowest point,
the unscrubbed currents of the girl’s brainwaves float;
this holy water begins to anoint.
now Aviva sees. once dead, this teal sea, like she,
will be revived to spring life for eternity.

פרילינג לעבן פֿאַר אייביקייט

Laura Lou Catherine is a freshly graduated college student with special interests in faith and science. She believes that these two subject matters do not conflict as much as most people think and does her best to dovetail them in her works to prove this point. She is working on a religious collection of poetry, a scientific collection of poetry, and a novel.

Photo: “The Dead Sea, Israel” by tsaiproject,

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