O. Yemi Tubi

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My Mother

“Her Children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. ”     – Proverbs 31: 28-29

My Mother the colourful Rose
In our household
Emitting the aroma
Of love and care.
The sweat of her brow,
The nutrient of our youth.
Her nectar nourished
And nurtured our growth.

My Mother the busy Bee
Of our household.
Travelled far and near
Collecting nectar
For the care of the family
Proverbs 31 woman
She surpassed.

My Mother the aged Rose
Of the family
Baby now she became
In need of love and care.
We her petals, may we be
Her garments of warmth and care
In this her sunset years.

My Mother the aging Rose
Looking homewards bound.
Awaiting the call to glory
When her sun finally sets
The call to glory she capitulated
We her petals, Almighty God I plead
Enable us to bid her adieu
With pomp and pageantry
A befitting honour due to her.

O. Yemi Tubi (MOYAT) was born in Yoruba Land in Nigeria, a citizen of the United Kingdom. He is a provocative Artist. He uses his works to evoke and provoke positive emotions. As a Christian, he uses his artwork, his poems and his short stories to share his faith in God with the world. O. Yemi is a member of the International Association of Visual Artists, Fine Art America, the Society of All Artists, AERA– the Association Embracing Realistic Art— Circle Foundation for the arts, WCA— World Citizen Artists— and Langley Arts Council. Website: https://www.o-yemi-tubi.pixels.com

Artwork: “My Mother” by O. Yemi Tubi

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