Caroline Liberatore

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Let the Wicked Rest

Sunday regards me dissonant
To the call, a diametrical
Opposition to formulaic faith
And, did I mention, unsettled.

Sunday regards me dumbstruck
By the sun glitter crown adorning
My niece, snoring in my lap
As the preacher pleads endurance.

Sunday regards me disarmed
By the eyes of God in this shaky saint
And her wild voice, insistent to my resistance:
He is pleased with you.

Indeed, this is a new law:
A law that commands my face alight.

Caroline Liberatore is a poet and librarian from Northeast Ohio. In these vocational spheres, she is prompted to engage with interminglings of divine brilliance and day-to-day grittiness. Much of her poetry resides tautly in this space. Her work has appeared in publications such as Ekstasis, Solum Journal, and Amethyst Review.

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Photo by Bicanski on Pixnio.

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