Kara M. Angus

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The Thing of Shadows Is Gone

Love put you there
hungry gaping mouth
turning to mother’s breast
she kisses your velvety head
soft voice harmonizing
with the dulcet interlude
of heaven coming down to earth

She your mother
you her child

Love kept you there
heart beating hard
sending blood to the edges of your broken body
thorns mangled amongst knotted hair
behind the sponge is wine and gall
darkness and light rush at each other

A scream rises in her throat
she smooths the jagged edges down
as she ponders and keeps watch over you
you look down at her with tenderness
Woman your son
a new family started
at the foot of the cross

Mother’s hands
soothing the son of God
God’s son soothing
the heart of a mother

You cry out
It is finished
fractured words
that singe the air with heartbreak and hope
heaven roars in your ears
somewhere a veil is torn
the thing of shadows is gone

One day
she will ponder it all
the way crisp love
mingled with shards
of bitter grace

One day
she will whisper to another mother
The son of my womb
crushed the head
of your mortal enemy
It is finished

Kara M. Angus lives in West Virginia with her family. In her free time, she enjoys running, gardening, and volunteering at a local nonprofit. Her work has appeared in Mutuality Magazine, The Unmooring Journal, and The Fallow House. She writes regularly on Instagram @kanguswrites.

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Image is in the Public Domain.

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