Jim Stoner

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cain slays abel

the seduction: adam and eve

colorful Jesus

Jim Stoner is a successful visual artist and creative writer. He was a featured poet in The Pacific Review and has published other poems in Cultural Logic, The Awakenings Review, Education Studies, Torrid Literature Journal, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Wisconsin Review, Parenthesis Journal, Fjords Review, and in the poetry anthology Silent Voices. His artwork and poems are forthcoming in Jesus, the Imagination: A Journal of Spiritual Revolution. He is author of the forthcoming book of artwork and poems, Iterations of the Boy. Stoner teaches English and humanities at a small college. He home lives in rural East Tennessee where he also has his art studio. His website is jimstonerartistry.com. Like his page on Facebook Jim Stoner Artistry. You can buy his work on Etsy: Original Artwork, Prints, and Greeting Cards by JimStonerArtistry

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