Annie Harpel

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actively waiting

early morning
soft warm breeze
rustles the bevy of volunteer calla lilies
hummingbird landed
on late winter’s bare branch
I look at him
he looks around
God brought us to this pause
acknowledging our surroundings
before moving on through the day

Annie was born in Illinois, grew up in Orange County, CA and now lives in a quiet beach town along the Central Coast of CA. She is a poet, essayist, fine art photographer and artist. Her poetry has been published in local newspapers and online literary journals including Drabble, Heart of Flesh, Impspired and First Literary Review—East. She has taught poetry workshops at several county libraries and is a member of Cambria Writers Workshop. Her debut book of poetry, The Blue Hour by Lisa ‘Annie’ Harpel, is now available on Amazon.

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Photo: “Hummingbird,” Public Domain.

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