Donna Kathryn Kelly

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Things the Internet Has Ruined (Modesty)

four women
in dresses to ankles
the sun is perfect

laughing joys
the river praises them
these spirits who blush

still in youth
freckles adorn faces
even arms covered

to untouched wrist
handmade cloth on long hair
the wind does not steal

in summer
geese sense the uncommon
grace on roller blades

“Things the Internet Has Ruined (Modesty),” read by Donna Kathryn Kelly.

Donna Kathryn Kelly practiced law for many years in the Illinois criminal justice system: first, as an assistant public defender, and later, as a felony prosecutor. Her poetry has appeared in literary journals such as Pasque PetalsOakwood and North Dakota Quarterly. Her novel, COP EYES, a murder mystery, is available for purchase on ( You can follow her on Instagram @donnakathrynkelly.

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Photo Credit: “Vintage 1970’s Color Photo Pretty Young Girls Laughing for Camera” by earlsvintagephotos. (Modified by Veronica McDonald).

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