Mary Grace van der Kroef

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Presence wrapped in particles.
Within an atom’s womb.
Cradled in creation’s sum.
Living possibility.
Of existence.

Intellect that interacts
On every plane.

Through every strand weaved
Though unperceived.

Pulling shadows in place.
Holding space
For time, matter, and thought.

Gentle as mist.
Weighted as rock.

Burning life with a human frame,
Yet roaming wild and untamed.
Emulsified through time’s pool.

“Omnipresent,” read by Mary Grace van der Kroef.

Things Made

Man has made many things
From God’s creation.
Art appropriation,
Amassed adoration
For plagiarism.

of a masterpiece
Already living, breathing.
Washed out copies.
Fragments of His truth.

Does He see us thieves?
Or children
Bringing tracings
To hang upon his fridge?
Marvelling at our works,
Unaware that they are His.

Lost with in our making?
in creations flow.
Breathing in His presence
yet worshipping path stones.
Forgetting to follow them
To His heart.

“Things Made,” read by Mary Grace van der Kroef.

Mary Grace van der Kroef is a lover of the simple things in life. She is the author of The Branch That I Am poetry collection, and has seen publication by various journals such as Calla Press, and Agape Review. Her work can also be found at

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Photo: “Cosmos,” Public Domain.

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