Tiffany Nicole Fletcher

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The Woman with the Issue (Luke 8:43-48)

Did she experience the lifting?
The lifting of the chains that happens
when the affliction is no longer there—
when that part of you has evaporated
in the healing touch of the Risen One;
when it is no longer a part of you;
when you are no longer a walking wound.

Or had she already been lifted above
that pain before,
when the doctors told her that
healing was not possible and she
believing anyway, for four thousand days.
her victory was then,
perhaps her faith had already lifted her
above the pain
in all of those moments that came before:

getting herself to where He was;
braving the crowds of the desperate faithful;
believing, reaching for Him;
exchanging her search for healing
for a search for The Healer;
and so finding herself obtaining all.

“The Woman with the Issue,” read by Tiffany Nicole Fletcher.

Tiffany Nicole Fletcher writes poems exploring healing, empowerment, and the sacred. Raised in New York City, she is the daughter of West Indian immigrants. Her work has recently been featured in Snapdragon Journal and in We Were Not Alone: A Community Building Art Works Anthology. Her website is

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Photo Credit: “The woman with the haemorrhage touching Jesus” taken by Nick Thompson,

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