Annie Harpel

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(a monostich)

I am looking for a prayer of my own; to console and utter out loud when I feel God has abandoned me, seeking a sign He is still present though invisible to me.

for God to hear my prayers
I thought they had to be spoken aloud

it felt like He wasn’t listening
eventually I was screaming

all my noise drowned out
His whispered message


before going to bed
I turn open the blinds a bit
so, in the dark of night
when anxiety awakens me
I can see the moon
or a bright star
listen for God to whisper

“look at me, I am here, hold on”

Annie was born in Illinois, grew up in Orange County, CA and now lives in a quiet beach town along the Central Coast of CA. She is a poet, essayist, fine art photographer and artist. Her poetry has been published in local newspapers and online literary journals including Drabble, Heart of Flesh, Impspired and First Literary Review – East. She has taught poetry workshops at several county libraries and is a member of Cambria Writers Workshop. She says poetry is her raft, star, song, umbrella.

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