Caron Freeborn with Steve Armitage

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Yeah, I go there now

In the name of the Father, Son &
Holy Spirit – though round our way, if you
know your father’s name
it’s a miracle and the spirit’s
only holy on account of the swearing
to God it’ll be the last. Remember when
Lisa Bennet tried to claim a virgin birth –
though that was just to stop her lairy
step-dad kicking her out.
Sometimes, you meet the antichrist then he turns
out to be a painter and decorator from Romford
way. In the beginning, words
were sprayed on the church with the swing doors
and that’s where it ended, too,
with nine tequila slammers and a pint.
Dear Lord, my nana used to say,
deliver us. I play the keyboard there now

Photo credit: Caron Freeborn and Steve Armitage

Caron Freeborn is autistic, heavily tattooed and an unlikely Christian.  Although once a novelist, poetry became her autistic special interest. Her poems have been published in journals both with and without regular collaborator Steve Armitage, and her first full collection came out 2015.

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