Leemour Pelli

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To Do Thy Will With a Perfect Heart I, II, III (triptych)

48″ x 108″, oil on canvas, 2019

Image courtesy of the Leemour Pelli Studio and Art Archive

Leemour Pelli is mostly a painter, but also works in different media, including sculpture, installations, prints, and works on paper. She had solo exhibitions in the past with the Annina Nosei Gallery in Chelsea (in 2004, and 2005), and in her Harlem space in 2010. The artist also had a solo exhibition with the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery in Chelsea in 2008. Her work has been reviewed in ArtForum (2008), Art News (2000), The New York Times (1999, 2000), New York Arts Magazine (2004, 2000, 1999), Tema Celeste (2001, 2003), and The Globe and Mail (Canada, 2000), among other publications.

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