Victoria Crawford

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Wishing Tree

In my garden, Mimosa tree grows
delighted I watch her
dancing with breezes or
nearly double under
lightning lash storms
then up she bounces

Pruned down to a meter
new branches and arrow leaves
reach sunward in green upturn
spread wide like open hands
to catch the first light
a smile upwards
while her roots seek strength
in her created soil
day’s end, she folds against the night

Mimosa is my wishing tree
sitting among the plants
yearning to bend and spring
in errant winds
smile in the brilliance of the light
shield myself against dark times
and have strong roots
that hold me close
in my creation

Thank you for the gifts that are
Mimosa tree

Poet Victoria Crawford often looks for the spiritual that is reflected in nature and sometimes in her own garden believing that if eyes are open we will see all the examples that will help us be better people.  Her poetry has appeared in journals such as Labyrinthine Passages, Time of Singing, Parousia, Windfall, and Califragile.

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