Issue One is Live!

Welcome to our first issue of Heart of Flesh Literary Journal.

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Editor’s Note:

A bit of testimony: during a time in my life when I didn’t know God, I felt a desperate need inside of me that I couldn’t quite explain. I wanted there to be a “good.” But, I didn’t want placation and platitudes. More than the “good,” I wanted truth, no matter how gritty or bleak – and I imagined all truth was gritty and bleak.

At the time, I thought the truth was that once we die we go into the ground, and our minds cease to exist. “Good” was subjective, and ultimately “good” didn’t matter because nothing in life truly mattered; One day the sun will run out of energy, the Earth will die, and everything that anyone has ever done will be forgotten, forever. Death always had the last word […] READ MORE