Issue One: Poetry

If you haven’t checked out our first issue yet, here’s a taste of the creative musings of our poets…

Ericka Clay:

There’s a bar top
where my feet danced
and vats of vodka
that my throat drank
and tons of men
my hips danced
against […] READ MORE

Elaine Wilburt:

Like the Israelites
through the Red Sea, we
raced north
on a thin ribbon
of autobahn […] READ MORE

Amy Coppe:

It would be a lie to pretend it’s simple devotion
That drives my lips to utter
“Take my life”

You said it best: those who love their lives will lose
Them, while losers like me
Take the proverbial cake […] READ MORE

Carl Palmer:

His thin crippled hand
conducts orchestra music
from an FM radio station […] READ MORE

Gopal Lahiri:

Eyes focused on the horizon, I could not rise
From the empty beach and count my footprints. […] READ MORE

Joris Soeding:

the secrets of Genoa remember my lives
mortal motives left under a rock
I was eleven, arrogant […] READ MORE

Victoria Crawford:

Forsake chocolate, pizza, sugar
forty days, forty nights
sounds like snap fingers
and it is over […] READ MORE

Amy Nemecek:

Peace like a river eludes me.

This pilgrim heart pants hard
after water brooks, pauses […] READ MORE

April Ojeda:

A nameless fool stole a treasure
That didn’t belong to him.
True, it was no great beauty, but it was
My own, and my only, pearl. […] READ MORE

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