Issue One: Prose

These stories will make you contemplate doubt, faith, sin, and hope.

Lorette C. Luzajic:

The second time I stood at Calvary, it was literal. I was actually there. I took it all in, the scraggly rock that looked like a skull if you tilted your head to a certain angle. If you suspended your disbelief. […] READ MORE

Laura Arciniega:

My son was the first toddler on the Moon. He visited the Oceanus Procellarum and learned the Milky Way.

When he came back to Newark Bay, he said, “Our bay is really the Bay of Rainbows. Tell me the story of the galaxy—not the Milky Way.” […] READ MORE

Alec Solomita:

Hung up on the ball and chain this morning before coming to Mom’s. Paul told me she’d be out. I hate hanging up like that. I know how it feels. If you’re in a good mood — busy, centered — it’s like I give a shit, right? But if you’re feeling bad, it’s like dying. It’s personal. You say hello and they hang up on you like they want to hang up on you and nobody else. […] READ MORE

Carla Durbach:

The professor’s mother is dying.

His brothers sacrifice goats to the ancestors in the backyard until the blood runs in spurts, staining their hands and the grass crimson. They barbecue the meat afterwards and invite the neighbors. But the cancer remains, digging in from the inside, taking root and spreading. […] READ MORE

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