New This Month: Christian Testimonies

As we get ready for the release of Issue Four and our FIRST PRINT ISSUE (coming out November 6th), we decided to try something new this month. During the month of October we will release a nonfiction story every week about a personal journey to faith called a “testimony.” These will be published on our blog every Friday up until the release date of Issue Four.

We’re excited to introduce the line-up for this month:

  • October 9th – Joy Comes in the Morning: My Testimony by Ericka Clay
  • October 16th – Unshakable Faith: A Testimony by John C. Mannone
  • October 23rd – Down But Not Out by Bobby Vernon
  • (UPDATE 10/05/20) October 27th – A Leap to Extinction, A Fall Into Eternity by Nolo Segundo
  • October 30th – Seeking Truth by Veronica McDonald

We hope you enjoy this new addition to our site, and that you follow along on this journey into our next issue!

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