Issue Four: Now OPEN for Submissions! Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Art, and *NEW* Christian Testimonies!


We are now OPEN to submissions for our fourth issue!

We are accepting poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, nonfiction, visual art, and photography with Christian themes.

Our reading period is from August 1st – September 31st.


*NEW* We want to share your Christian testimony on our blog!

A Christian testimony is the story of how a person came to know Jesus Christ through the moving of the Holy Spirit. It often includes:

  1. the story of a person’s life before Christ,
  2. the story of how the Lord saved him/her, and finally
  3. a short reflection of his/her new life in Christ.

These stories are often moving, powerful, and fantastic displays of forgiveness, redemption, and life-altering hope. While we accept work from both Christian and non-Christians for our regular issues, we are asking Christian contributors to share their testimonies with the hope that compelling accounts of finding salvation in Jesus will bless our readers and plant the Gospel seed in those searching for truth.

A selection of testimonies will be posted weekly during the months of April and October in our blog, separate from our regularly published issues. It may not be possible to post every testimony we receive in the limited space we have, so we encourage those not chosen to not be disappointed and to continue sharing your testimony with others. We want to emphasize that every personal story of Christ’s redeeming power is miraculous and wonderful.

We are so excited to read the story of how Christ drew you in and made you His own.

Expect to see the first testimonies on our blog beginning October 7, 2020.



Heart of Flesh will now be selling print versions of our journal!

We will always remain a free online journal and will continue to offer a free, downloadable PDF. However, for those who would like to support our journal we will be offering the opportunity to purchase a print version of Issue Four. These will be beautifully bound, high-quality journals, about 70-75 pages. The proceeds from these print journals will be used to cover the hosting costs of our site.

The print version of Heart of Flesh will be made available when Issue Four goes live on November 6, 2020!

Questions? Contact us HERE.

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