Christian Testimonies in April

As we get ready for the release of Issue Five on MAY 7th, we’re initiating our month-long journey through amazing stories of love. During the month of April we will release a nonfiction story (sometimes 2 stories) every week about a personal journey to the Christian faith called a “testimony.” These will be published on our blog on Tuesdays and Fridays up until the release date of Issue Five.

We’re excited to introduce the line-up for this month:

  • April 6Two Circles: a Journey of Tragedy and Triumph by Douglas C Atkins
  • April 9My Testimony by Dayana Shiplett
  • April 16New Ripples by Melissa Labieniec
  • April 20Personal Testimony by Lauren Roskilly
  • April 23Dig Deep by Corean Strong
  • April 27The Light by Janz Duncan
  • April 30Returning to My First Love by Latoya Washington

We hope that you follow along on this journey into our next issue! Happy Easter!

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