Issue Eight: Call for Submissions!

Heart of Flesh Literary Journal is OPEN for submissions!

We have several submission opportunities for writers, poets, and artists listed below. Be sure to check the guidelines before submitting.

Issue Eight: Call for Submissions

We want your Christian-themed:

  • Poetry: 1–3 poems at a time (no length limits).
  • Flash Fiction: 1–3 pieces at a time (700 words per piece, max).
  • Short Fiction: 1 piece at a time (4,000 words max).
  • Creative Nonfiction: 1 piece at a time (4,000 words max).
  • Art & Photography: 1–4 pieces at a time, with artist statement.

Please do not send previously published work.

Deadline: September 30th


Get a feel for our journal
Check out Issue Seven:

Online | PDF | Print Copy

Christian Testimonies: Call for Submissions

We are looking for Christian Testimonies for our Blog!

A Christian testimony is the story of how a person came to know Jesus Christ. It often includes (but is not limited to):

  1. the story of a person’s life before Christ
  2. the story of how the Lord saved him/her
  3. a short reflection of his/her new life in Christ

Word count: 500–4,000 words

Testimonies may be previously published.

A selection of testimonies will be posted weekly during the month of October in our blog.

Read our published testimonies here.

Deadline: September 30th


Book Reviews: Call for Submissions

We are now accepting book reviews for our blog!

We are looking for reviews of Christian-themed books (Fiction, Nonfiction, Essay, Poetry) to publish in our blog during the month of October.

Word count: 500–1,000 words

Deadline: September 30th


Pure in Heart Stories: Call for Submissions

Pure in Heart Stories is our family-friendly sister-site. Pure in Heart accepts work from adults (18 and older) and kids (17 and younger), as long as it is appropriate for all ages.

Pure in Heart accepts Christian-themed:

  • Poetry
  • Short Fiction
  • Art & Photography
  • Original Comics, Jokes, Recipes, and Games


Questions? Contact our editor.

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