Christian Testimonies—and a Book Review!—in October (2022)

Happy Fall! It feels wonderful to usher in my favorite season in a swirl of colorful leaves, great submissions, and new stories that recount the ways in which Jesus touches individual lives. For those of you who don’t know, all through October Heart of Flesh posts nonfiction stories on our blog to bless you, encourage you, and draw you closer to Christ. As Issue Eight is carefully and prayerfully put together, I hope that God speaks to you through the work of these writers. These stories will be published weekly, up until the release of Issue Eight on November 4th.

*NEW* I’m also happy to introduce book reviews on our blog! In this month’s review, Joan Bauer takes a look at Jonathan Geltner’s debut novel, Absolute Music.

Here’s the lineup for this month:

  • Oct. 7th — Book Review by Joan Bauer: “‘A Novel of Consciousness:’ Absolute Music by Jonathan Geltner”
  • Oct. 11th — “From Salty to Saved” by Miya Sae
  • Oct. 14th — Testimony of Lori Oliver
  • Oct. 18th — “My Testimony” by Mark Weinrich
  • Oct. 21st — “My Testimony to His Glory” by June Potter
  • Oct. 25th — “Betwixt Two” by Scáth Beorh
  • Oct. 28th — “A Witness for Jesus.” by Jason Kirk Bartley

We hope you enjoy this journey into our next issue!

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