Issue Eight

Cover Art: Dancer by Carl Scharwath

Note from the Editor


Emma McCoy
Fruit trees for the fearful

Larry Pike
Air Pressure

Terry Savoie
Beneath a Heavenly Blue Mantilla

K.L. Johnston
Prayers of the Righteous | Second Call

Jennifer Stewart
Salvage | The 13th Station

Cameron Brooks
Camp Judson | Man Under Authority

D. Walsh Gilbert
Mary Gets Plucky & Bold in Assisted Living | Mary Faces Firebrand and Ember | Mary Surrenders

Catherine A. Coundjeris
Asking for Signs

Chris Carstens
Real Presence

Grace Claire Przywara
I Often Try to Soften Jesus

Ryan Apple
On Leaving Jerusalem

Kath Higgens
A Kindness of Ravens

Ryan Helvoigt
The Stones and the Bread

Steven Searcy
The Bread | Following Vultures | Fly

Bob Hicks
In the dark | The emberfall

Alena Casey

Charles Eggerth
Rebel Hearts | Wilderness

Nellie deVries
What’s the Name of This Place? | Fear/Revere

Phil Flott
His Fire

Tommy Welty

Ellis Purdie
Kneeling Bedside | Abandoned Church in Harrison County

Don Reese

Natasha Bredle
Unbaptised | Faith | Believe Me

Brooke Stanish
Epiphanies & Panic Attacks | Crayon God

Ron Riekki
Sundowning | I’ve Found That When People Proselytize | (nonfiction) Negaunee

Michael Pennanen

Nicole Rollender
Flung From the Body

Kaitlyn Newbery
The Rest

Rachel Michelle Collier
Whitestone Ascendant | Strange Unblanketed

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Matt Hollingsworth
The Sky Is Solid

Jennifer Stewart
The Exchange

Brooke Stanish
Oh, Lover of Bethlehem

April Bumgardner
Anna of the Temple

Kelly Duffy

Diana Pollin
Running From Mary Jane

Jeffrey Wald
Friggin’ Dvořák

Joseph A Farina
Religious Studies

Jay Simons
Ring Around the Collar


Thomas O’Connell
Hell Is Nostalgia

D.M. Gralewski
Baseball, Bootcamp & Ballet: Reflections on Biblical Womanhood, Alphabetically Arranged

Katy Huth Jones
Becoming Grace

Bethany Jarmul
Wade in the Water

Denise Kohlmeyer
Lesson Learned

“Saint Michael’s Church, Luxembourg” by Jeremiah Gilbert.


Carl Scharwath
Angel | Dancer

Jason Hendrickson
Crucifixion of Christ

Lea Ervin
Blood and Water

Khosrow Mokori

Jeremiah Gilbert
Saint Michael’s Church, Luxembourg | Templo Católico de Sarchí Norte, Sarchí, Costa Rica | Church of Our Lady of Carmen, Guatapé, Colombia

Misty Morgan Dixon
The Fall

O. Yemi Tubi
The Bait

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