Kath Higgens

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A Kindness of Ravens

The ravens will feed you
–1 Kings 17:1-6

No rain, no dew.
Could he mean this?

After foretelling,
I run and hide.

Relief to reach
steep ravine walls.
Pray protect me
from sun and pursuers.

As day’s heat declines,
by the still-trickling brook
I select my stones,
train my eye
on black specks
Willing my targets closer,
I steady my sling
to fulfil his plan.

A raven swoops low—
I miss the shot.
A small aromatic loaf
rolls at my feet.
A bird dives down.
A lump of wine-red meat
tumbles out of its talons,
quail-like desert delivery.
Could he mean this?

Kath Higgens was born in UK, worked for many years in Central Africa and has now retired to South Africa. She has worked as linguist, anthropologist and teacher and has come late to writing poetry. This is her first submission to a journal!

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Photo Credit: “Raven” by Jon Nelson, Flickr.com.

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