Lea Ervin

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Blood and Water

Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist Description

Over the past year, I have been painting as a way to reconcile chronic illness and spirituality. I grew up a Catholic and I left the church ten years ago. In December of 2021, I returned to the Catholic Church after the death of my grandfather. I really connected with the Divine Mercy Chaplet because of the forgiveness and mercy one receives from it. Hence, my painting “Blood and Water” is a depiction of my return and the divine mercy I received. The painting depicts the figure of a woman, clothed in the Word of God, receiving the Blood and Water offered by Jesus Christ to wash away sins of the past and anger I once held on to. The figure is decoupaged with scripture/reading from my Magnificat with watercolor paints representing the blood and water. 

Lea Ervin is an artist, writer, and writing instructor from Oneonta, Alabama. When she is not working on paintings, grading, or writing, she is cooking, listening to vinyl records, and spending time with her husband, Brad White, and their sassy Beagle-mix, Starla Belle. 

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