Misty Morgan Dixon

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The Fall

Image courtesy of the artist.

Artist Statement

The canvas is where I wrestle with my questions. I take the scriptures that I read, the messages I hear, and my own internal dialogue, and pour my paint out in an attempt to make sense of it all. Sometimes I arrive at answers, and other times the process itself sharpens or changes me in ways that no longer need clarity. 

I’ve always used art as a way to connect with everything that is bigger than me. It is a spiritual practice for me to know God in a deeper way, as well as a way to see inside parts of myself that I cannot reach by any other means. I rely on instinct, intuition, and symbolism to speak to the observer through my work. I feel that my art has something to say to every individual, even if the words are beyond my original intention. I am a creative person made by a creator still speaking through creation. I am delighted to be a participant in that dance, even if it is in a small but meaningful way. 

Southern artist, Misty Morgan Dixon, has been honing her skills as a painter since she was a girl. She had formal art training throughout middle school, high school and college, and has continued to pursue education in her craft ever since. She worked for years as a professional makeup artist for well-known brands and celebrities, but settled back into focusing on her passion, which is the intersection of art, faith, and mental health. She went on to become a Certified Therapeutic Art Coach to help others use art as a tool for healing and growth. She has lived both in New Orleans and the Northshore communities for many years, and has been heavily influenced by both the vibrant and urban culture of the city and the live oak peppered countryside.  

She spends her days painting in her home studio, teaching art in her community, and helping others heal through art. She is always working on a new painting collection, and every carefully curated work of art shares with its owner not only a part of Misty’s talent, but also a piece of her soul. She finds true art to be therapeutic and healing, and relies both on her instinct and emotional need to create as well as fundamentals and conventional rules of design. Misty has worked in many mediums, and currently enjoys mixed media and acrylic painting on both canvas and reclaimed wood collected throughout the New Orleans area. You can find her work in various locations throughout Louisiana and Mississippi.

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