Claudia M Stanek

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Craving Graves

the need for meat
pushes through trees and bushes
wanting and wishes erased by the rain
of wails and wails and wails
do you hear the echo of your captive selves?
yielding quail and quail and quail.
Please sin no more!
Fresh fallen man gathers
under the cloud, feeds
beside the fire,
craving graves.

Claudia M Stanek’s work has been turned into a libretto, been part of an art exhibition, and been translated into Polish. Her poems may be found in her chapbook, Language You Refuse to Learn, online, and in print. She holds an MFA from Bennington College. She is a founding member of Just Poets.

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Photo Credit: “Wesleyan Division C, Row 1, Plots 29 & 31” by Discover Waikumete Cemetery, (Modified by Veronica McDonald).

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