Peace Nkeiruka Maduako

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Days Are Coming

Days are coming,
The sun keeps rising,
Hearts are breaking,
Nobody’s thinking.

Time is fast going,
Things are unfolding,
Prophecy is fulfilling,
Yet everyone’s just living.

Moon is shining,
Night is coming,
Thieves are knocking,
Guns are sounding.

When you hear it,
That weeping and wailing,
Don’t go asking,
You might go missing.

With some hasting
Please come running
To the mountain
Where men will be praying.

But days are coming
When there’s no praying
And there’s no hoping
On God to be loving.

Peace Nkeiruka Maduako is a Nigerian fiction writer and poet. She has works published on various online platforms, magazines and anthologies. Her poems are also published on her Facebook page ‘PeaceGirl works.’ She can be reached on email through or on Facebook through  

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Artwork: “The Pollard Willows and Setting Sun” by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888 (Public Domain).

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