John Tuttle

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Selfish Mirage

What if I told you,
“You gave shape to the mirage”?
And you could subdue it
For it has been
A compilation of mind and heart
Yours to be sure
Where you could not face yourself
The truth behind
A door
The key
Residing in your pocket.

It was you
Who watered the weed
Carved this graven image
An icon
Built on illusions
Transparent but obscured
Till neither you nor I
Could see through
And you hurt yourself
When I took leave
Because you believed
In fantasies.

John Tuttle is a Catholic writer and creative. He’s had poetry published previously or in forthcoming installments of Crepe & Penn, Ariel Chart, Scarlet Leaf Review, The Good Men Project, Lit Up, Poetry in Form, etc.. His articles have been published by Christian Post, CiRCE Institute, Tekton Ministries, Culture Wars, Grotto Network, and elsewhere.

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