Issue Three

Cover Art: “Noe sleeping” by Segolene Haehnsen Kan

Note from the Editor


Christine Higgins
The Bridegroom of My Soul | Tending | Tenderness

Sarah Law
Two Poems from One Hundred Lost Letters | Grace Drifts Down Like Dust

Diane Vogel Ferri
Libera Me, Salva Me

Oluwafemi Babasola
carry me

Karina Lutz
Ash Wednesday | What a fragile earth it is without a God. What a violent one it is with one. | Anticipating the Akedah moment

Jo Taylor
For Your Glory | Flakhelfer

Cameron Morse
Evade | Born in Sin

Gerard Sarnat
Seasonals | During Week Post Christmas: Staying On “As If” Basis With God | Reflecting on China’s Once One-Child Nation

Joris Soeding
Holy Thursday

Anna Jensen

Nnadi Samuel
My Body as a Book of Bible Stories | As Catholics, We Do Not Adopt God in the Right Fabric

Adesina Ajala
The Manner of Love

Linda McCullough Moore
free will

Phyllis Hemann

John Tuttle
Selfish Mirage

Craig Dobson
When Angels Speak

John C. Mannone
Morning of the Fourth Day | Feeding the Hungry

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Sarah Law
A flash from One Hundred Lost Letters

DT Richards
It’s Only a Second You’re Down

Madeleine Mysko


Hannah Melin
My Ancestors Must Have Been Beasts

Diane Vogel Ferri
Come By Here

Margaret Koger
The Dress

Meg LeDuc
Lighting Peace

Photo: “A mural about Jesus and a worker like a pious prayer” by Hua Huang

Art & Photography

Segolene Haehnsen Kan
Noe sleeping | Smoke on the water

Hua Huang
A mural about Jesus and a worker like a pious prayer | Entrance of Sacré-Cœur Cathedral

Leslie Rochelle Owen
Effulgent Christ

Susana López
La Morte: Out of Work | La Morte: Cartiera | La Morte: City Time

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