Susana López

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La Morte: Out of Work

Image courtesy of Susana López.

La Morte: Cartiera

Image courtesy of Susana López.

La Morte: City Time

Image courtesy of Susana López.

Susana López is a visual artist from Gijón, Spain. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (Painting) and a PhD, both from the University of Barcelona. Her subjects are taken from, and inspired by, personal experiences in the city and her daily life. Susana tries to communicate through her pictures the history, architecture, consumerism and even immigration patterns of a city. She seeks to reveal these from a distance that reflects an objective and striking honesty. Her work is in private and public collections and is been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Spain and abroad. She recently took part in Venice Biennale, at the Cervantes Institute in Sofia, 1aSpace in Hong Kong, The Other Art Fair in London, PointB in Brooklyn, NY or Woman Made Gallery in Chicago.

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