Christian Testimonies in April (2022)

It’s that time! Another submission period is closed, another issue is coming together, and now it’s time for our month-long collection of stories exhibiting Christ’s great love. I hope these nonfiction stories bless you and encourage you, and point you towards the God who truly has the power to save us and make us new. These stories will be published weekly up until the release of Issue Seven on May 6th.

Here’s the lineup for this month:

  • Apr. 8thThe Dividing Line by Lisa Dean
  • Apr. 12thThe Promise by Michael Lynn Pittman
  • Apr. 15thLeaving Orishas and Coming to Christ by Day Sibley
  • Apr. 19th — Testimony of Robert Fultz
  • Apr. 22nd — Testimony of Cherie Parenteau
  • Apr. 26th — Testimony of Teague McKamey
  • Apr. 29thJesus in Alabama by Alice J. Wisler

We hope you enjoy this journey into our next issue!

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