Christian Testimonies in April (2023)

Happy Easter! And welcome back to the Heart of Flesh blog. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Easter season than to explore true stories that honor the Lord Jesus Christ, and His ability to save us all from sin and death. If you are new to the blog, this is how it works: we will be posting nonfiction stories every Tuesday and Friday to bless you, encourage you, and draw you closer to Christ. These stories will be published every week in April as Issue Nine is put together—look for this beautiful, new issue on May 19th both online and in print.

Here’s the lineup for this month:

  • Apr. 11th — “Umbrellas” by Kelly Duffy
  • Apr. 14th — “Identity Crisis” by Keilah Villa
  • Apr. 18th — “Leap of Faith” by Millie Woods
  • Apr. 21st — “From Darkness to Light” by Marisa J. Bunton
  • Apr. 25th — “My Encounter with Christ” by John Brugaletta
  • [Edit 4/10/23] Apr. 26th — “Khalid’s Story” by Khalid Mansoor Soomro
  • [Edit 4/18/23] Apr. 27th — “Testimony” by Joseph Makarian
  • Apr. 28th — “My Testimony” by Katie James

*UPDATE* [4/18/23] We have a new book review that we’d love to share with you in May!

  • May 2nd — ‘Pray with Me’ by Erica Renaud—A Review by Kelly Duffy

We hope you are blessed by these testimonies of God’s love!

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