Kaitlyn Newbery

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The Rest

In the beginning was the Word.
In the beginning was.
In the beginning
Word spoke:
Let there be light.
Word existed:
You are Light.
Let there be heavens,
proclaims the only Way.
Let there be water;
the Living Water pours forth.
Let there be vegetation.
O, Vine and Fruit and Nourisher and Nourishment.
Let there be sun and moon—
the Son pierces the darkness.
Let there be sea creatures and birds;
Our dove descended, our divider of fish.
Let there be land animals.
This Lion of Judah! This blameless Lamb!
Let there be man.

A pause.

A knowing choice.
Word became flesh first
for hands to mold and lungs to breath.
Before You became man,
You were breath and lungs and sculptor and clay.

Let there be rest.

You are the rest.

You are
the rest.

You are the


Kaitlyn Newbery is an adjunct English professor at the University of the Cumberlands. She enjoys exploring questions about her faith through metaphors and storytelling. Her works have been published by Agape Review, Calla Press, and Amethyst Magazine.

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Artwork: Illustration from Bible Primer: Old Testament by Adolf Hult, 1919.

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