Richard Leach

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Lazarus Says How It Was

Lord, he whom you love is ill. —John 11:3

It was like when
you know you
are asleep and
you want to wake
up but you can’t
wake up and you
want to move but
you can’t move
and you want to
cry out but your
mouth won’t open
and then the one
beside you calls
your name and
calls it again
and you hear
the voice and
know the voice
before you can
say who it is
or who you are
and then you
are awake and
you make a small
sound and are in
the world again
beside the one
who loves you
It was like that

Richard Leach is a poet and visual artist in Stamford, CT. His sacred poetry, words for hymns, anthems, and cantatas, has been set to music by many composers and is widely published and sung. His secular poems have appeared in print in Rattle, and in many online publications.

Photo by Antonio Dillard on

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