Adesina Ajala

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The Manner of Love

Love unfolded His arms,
felt the grit of the cross,
nails alighting, breaking into
His palms in the rage of
a hammer.

Love unbolted His heart to the faintest knock,
like the ground parted under Korah’s, Dathan’s
and Abiram’s feet.
He said: Truly I say to you, today
you shall be with Me in Paradise
And the penitent thief found home,
mercy blushing at the door; welcoming.

Love was betrayed, yet trailed His traitor
to the shore of Tiberias—
A threadbare heart needed stitches of love, asked,
Do you love me?

Love lit our lost hearts lucidly when asked,
Teacher, which is the greatest
commandment in the Law?
He responded,
1a— Love the Lord your God with all your heart.
1b— Love your neighbor as yourself.

Adesina Ajala shares his time between treating sick children and creative writing. His works have featured on The Wild Word, The Quills, Featiler Rays, Eboquills and elsewhere. He was co-winner TSWF Writers Prize (2018), winner Freedom Voices Poetry Writing Prize (2019) and winner Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation (January, 2020).

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