Linda McCullough Moore

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free will

This woman, who does not believe God made the world, does not believe God even is, believes he handcrafted evil, whether in a flash of pique or in a sawdust dusted workshop or a cauldron used for making stardust Tuesday morning. I refuse to inquire. I do not ask, now why would God do that? It is evil to ask when asking asks stupidity to take the mic, make oral argument. Instead I say, nice sweater. It matters so to her. Are those new shoes? See here’s the thing. Two minutes after God created Adam one minute after God created Eve, he let rip and thundered, Let there be free will. If he sounds angry, well no wonder. He doesn’t have to wonder what the new folk will make of choice. Let Adam flex his digits, flick the spider. Let new Eve prevaricate, see Adam smile, hear Eve sigh, pleased. You wake up on a Saturday and realize you can sleep till noon. You hop out of bed. I call it agency I can do whatever I want. There was no need at all for God to manufacture evil. The morning that he made the world, he quick decided on the buffalo, but let the whole idea of robots go.

Linda McCullough Moore is the author of a novel, two story collections, including An Episode of Grace, and a book of essays, The Book of Not so Common Prayer, and hundreds of poems and short stories.

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